After the shocking death of Bruce Banner, the Hulk is finally free to live his life without any puny humans getting in the way. But as the Jade Giant has seen all too often, the world isn’t ready to let him live in peace. And in Incredible Hulk #8, writer Jason Aaron kicks off his latest story arc, titled “Stay Angry,” that will push the Green Goliath to his very limits.

Marvel has provided us with a new synopsis and some preview art for the issue, which goes on sale May 30. Before you see him smash in The Avengers this weekend, check out what the Hulk is up to in the comic books:

Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Incredible Hulk #8, from the fan-favorite team of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon! Dive right into the Green Goliath’s next epic as Stay Angry erupts pushing the Incredible Hulk and his raged-induced fury to its limits! The criminally insane Bruce Banner has thrown Hulk into the middle of a murderous drug war and Hulk is forced into action; but with villainous mob of this stature- Frank Castle is never far behind! Its all-out war, as the Jade Giant faces off against The Punisher who faces off against a cartel in a brawl that no fan will forget!