Director: David and Nathan Zellner
Screening date: Thursday, June 14, on the lawn in front of Automotive High School (Williamsburg), 50 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Certainly one of Rooftop’s oddest inclusions this year, Kid-Thing, from Austin, Texas-based sibling directors David and Nathan Zellner, is a tough one to categorize; in spots, it’s sharply comedic, depicting an unhappy young girl named Annie’s (Sidney Aguirre) attempts to rail against society (i.e., taunting shoppers with a paint gun inside a supermarket) with droll humor, but it’s also quietly unsettling, a moody effect that comes from the mysterious friend-stuck-in-a-hole whom Annie keeps hidden from her family. Heading into even stranger narrative places after their first meeting, Kid-Thing subverts its way into a conclusive tone that’s effectively poignant.