Forget about all of his horror novels, what we really want to see is someone in Hollywood finally get around to adapting Stephen King's Dark Tower series into a movie. Recently, director Ron Howard was a lock to bring the franchise to life in a film, which would also spin-off into a TV series as well. But typical Hollywood delays got in the way and the film was eventually put back into development hell. 

Now, however, Cinema Blend has just posted a very interesting tweet from Howard that has given us our first big update on the project in months:

Spent day today in a story session on...Dark Tower :-) Terrific meeting w/ Akiva Goldsman & Erica Huggins No timetables but very positive

We'll excuse the cheesy emoticon because just hearing any news about Dark Tower should be enough to get die-hard Stephen King fans foaming at the mouth. But don't get too excited, that tweet makes it sound like we won't be seeing a Dark Tower movie in theaters for a few years at least.

Earlier in the year, Warner Brothers was reported to be very interested in the franchise, and with the Harry Potter movies being finished and the Batman series taking a break after Dark Knight Rises, the studio needs a money-maker soon. We think Dark Tower would do nicely.

[via Cinema Blend