Microsoft has revealed that the seated Kinect technology used in Lionhead's Fable: The Journey will be standard in the Kinect development kit from now on.

Previous Kinect games have forced players to be standing up for the device to recognize them, but thanks to months of work at Lionhead Studios, that will no longer be the case.


"We are sharing our technology," Lionhead's Gary Carr told Eurogamer. "Microsoft will float that out to everybody; our seated is now their seated and every new update of the dev kit will have that in there."

Lionhead developed the technology initially for use with the "Milo and Kate" project, a never-released demo that had players interacting with a young boy for some reason. They wanted to release something commercially, so they combined the tech with Fable for The Journey.

So now that every developer will be able to make Kinect games for seated player, what kind of implementation would you like? Maybe we can finally have a shooter that recognizes real-life grenade-tossing motions. Tell us your ideas in the comments or on Twitter.