Nothing causes controversy in the fashion world quite like a white person trying to pull off dreadlocks, cornrows, or braids. It may seem innocent on the surface, but since this trend began, the word "poser" and "phony" has been used freely to describe any white person attempting to sport this look, whether it's justified or not. 

The truth is, not all white people look like unwashed, hacky sack playing, Liberal Arts majors or wannabe gangsters when trying to experiment with their hair. In fact, over the years, television and film has been filled with white characters trying to pull-off predominantly non-white hairstyles with some decent success. Sure, there are still far more misses than hits, but the effort is there, and we have seen that this style isn't a lost cause. 

The latest example of the follicular revolution is Adrien Brody's character, Psycho Ed, from the new movie High School, hitting theaters this Friday. In the movie, Brody plays a dangerously unhinged drug dealer with a mean head of cornrows. We think he pulls it off pretty well, but it took a long time to get to this point. So to add a little perspective to Brody's look, check out The History of White Characters with Dreads, Braids, and Cornrows.

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