Speaking to Fortune, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch shed some light on Microsoft’s collaboration with Nook, citing widespread implementation of near-field communication and a possible iBooks-like platform.

According to Lynch, NFC won’t be limited to just Nook devices, but instead will be a part of BN’s entire hardcover inventory in-store. “[If] you had your Nook, you can walk up to any of our pictures, any of our aisles, any of our bestseller lists, and just touch the book, and get information on that physical book on your Nook and have some frictionless [shopping] experience,” said Lynch. “That’s coming.”

The two companies have big plans for Windows, too, and the idea of a mass e-publishing platform. “[Imagine] an integration where an information worker, student, author, consumer, creates something in Office and has it immediately published for sale through the Nook bookstore,” pondered Lynch. “It starts to open a lot of possibilities.”

[via Gizmodo]

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