Director Peter Berg was in Israel recently to promote the upcoming release of his new film, Battleship, which is based off of the Hasbro game by the same name (sadly, it's likely that no one yells "you sunk my battleship!" at any point during the movie). While participating an interview with Israeli journalist Jason Danino-Holt, the conversation took a turn for the slightly political as Berg brought up issues in the Middle East and conflicts between Israel and Iran. 

The beginning of the interview, which can be seen above, mostly consists of Berg talking at length about the conflicts, saying that it's "the most serious issue facing our planet today — more so than the movie Battleship." At one point, however, he takes it upon himself to ask 25-year-old Holt if he's ever served in the Israeli military, a requirement for all citizens of the country. When Holt responds that he hasn't, Berg looks shocked, before asking, "Are you a draft dodger?" Then adding, "You better join the army, motherfucker!"

Though Holt doesn't say anything about it, the truth of the matter is that he was exempt from the mandatory military service because of a health condition, as detailed in this 2005 article from Ynet. So, there.

[via Gawker]