We've known that Jay-Z's movin' the Nets/BK for quite some time now, and that the Barclays Center is nearing completion, ready for the Brooklyn Nets' debut next fall. And now, according to the people who are in charge of this kind of stuff (also known as The Empire State Development Corporation), the  new arena will have only 550 parking spots as opposed to the original number of 1,100.

This is rare good news on the urban planning front (we're looking at you, NYU 2031). In nixing plans for an above-ground hydraulic parking auto-bot (like the thing in the end of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) over concerns of traffic increase, machine slowness, and possible attainment of sentience, the original number of parking spots was just plain reduced in order for the arena to open.

The Barclays Center, like Madison Square Garden, is situated in a huge mass transportation hub, so people shouldn't be trying to drive anyway. The reduction in number of spots further encourages fans to take advantage of the public transportation. Seems like everyone is happy.

[via Gothamist]