Postal 3

Platform: PC

Year: 2012

The Postal series has always reveled in letting you be an absolute lunatic, and Postal 3 is no exception. With scenes that have you pelting soccer moms with semen-drenched rags  collected from a dingy porn shop in hopes of making them throw up long enough to piss in their face, there are no lines developer Akella isn't willing to cross. You'll recieve missions from the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Hugo Chávez, and Uwe Boll (I'll leave you to decide who the worst among the three is), abuse animals, and slaughter hundreds of innocent bystanders, all in pursuit of a means to escape your Arizona hellhole of a town.

With a lighthearted approach to topics that would make your grandmother faint, the game strives to induce maniacle laughter in its undoubtedly disturbed players. The game does offer a non-lethal and more socially acceptable "good path", but chances are if you're playing Postal 3 it's because you're seeking a thoroughly disturbed experience.