"Call Tyrone?" In this case, we'd advise against Badu's parting words—unless you want your shit stolen and hustled for crack rocks. No list of addicts would be complete without quintessential crackhead Tyrone Biggums, Dave Chappelle's creation from Season One his superior, self-titled sketch comedy show and 2003 Halloween costume of choice of dudes across the country. On a budget? That's fine. All one really needed was a red winter hat and some flour on their lips—the character became that recognizable.

Better than watching partiers attempt their best helium-voiced impersonations, though, was watching Biggums himself unleash his best impression of an anti-drug speaker to a room full of wide-eyed middle school kids. Of his first experiences with weed, he reminisces, "Me and my friends would laugh and giggle and eat all the cookies. It was terrible! TERRIBLE!" Once class was dismissed, you know those students were all on the first D bus over to see Martinez. (We hear his stuff is the bomb.)