7. Necro

First Appearance: Street Fighter III

Last Appearance: Street Fighter III: Double Impact

Why They're Lame: He's a prisoner, sort of. I don't think he can make up his mind.

Necro's backstory isn't all that bad. Kidnapped at a young age by the Illuminati's G-Project (not to be confused with G-Unit), he was experimented on and recieved the ability to stretch his limbs like Dhalsim, shock folk like Blanka, and a microchip that gave him instant martial arts training. During his captivity, he met a girl named Effie and fell in love and swore to set them both free from the powerful and opressive control of his captors.

Now here's where things get ridiculous; somehow, despite being a brain-controlled captive he's able to join the World Warrior tournament to fight Gill (leader of the G-Project) so he can be free. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're in a position to travel the globe and fight those who've enslaved you, you've probably got enough free will to just leave with your beloved and start anew.