Seth MacFarlane’s proposed animated reboot of The Flintstones is apparently on “life support”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site is claiming that when MacFarlane turned in the script to the show, Fox Entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, said that he “likes it but doesn’t love it,” after he read it over.

Currently, MacFarlane has three animated shows airing on Fox: Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. And with The Simpsons still on the air, it appears as if the network didn’t have room to air a show that they were simply lukewarm on.

This shouldn’t put a dent in MacFarlane’s already filled schedule as he is still working on three shows, his directorial debut in the movie Ted, and a revival of the science documentary show Cosmos. Unfortunately, some the crew behind The Flintstones is now out of a job, but the site is reporting that they might wind up working on American Dad if it gets renewed.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]