Just days after the announcement of a new Bravo reality show about Silicon Valley, responses within the California community have been predictably unkind. Though the show is still in development and no one has seen it yet, members of the tech community are a little touchy about the possibility of being portrayed as "'The Jersey Shore,' only without the tans."

Responding to the criticism is "Silicon Valley" Executive Producer and Mark Zuckerberg sibling Randi Zuckerberg, who wrote a long post on Facebook over the weekend about the show and her involvement.

"As a member of the Silicon Valley community, I completely understand that there will be skepticism and detractors," she said. "But I think this show comes at an important time. Given the current economic climate, I think it's really positive that mainstream media is celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and portraying people who pursue innovation and startups as being 'aspirational' for the general public."

Zuckerberg said her role with the show is one of an advisor, and that before she came on board there was no one from the Valley with any influence on the production.

"By signing on, I hope to bring a lot of value by advising on how to best capture the spirit of technology and entrepreneurship throughout production," she said.

Of course, no one said "the spirit of technology and entrepreneurship" and "people with their clothes off in hot tubs" are mutually exclusive.

[via SAI]