Last week, the folks at Maker’s Mark, one of the finest producers of bourbon in the state of Kentucky, rolled through the Complex offices, offering samples of their flagship product, along with the distillery’s new expression, 46.

Maker’s representative Andrea Cohen explained that, in 1958, Bill Samuels, Sr. began producing the bourbon at his distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. The care and attention given to this small-batch spirit contributed significantly to the shift in public opinion regarding the spirit. Before Maker’s and its ingenious marketing campaign (“It tastes expensive…and is.”) stepped in, whiskey was considered back-country swill. That we now think of it as a premium liquor is largely Maker’s doing.

From the handsome, hand-dipped bottle to the mellow taste, Maker’s is worth every penny.

Enter: 46, only the second spirit to come from the distillery in its long, storied history.