To the east of the alley is a prime example of the classical cast-iron style that was prevalent in much of this new commercial construction. Designed by Stephen Decatur Hatch, 1-5 Bond Street, was built to serve as the home for the newly formed Robbins & Appleton Watch Company. The original building was erected in just three months in 1871, but was destroyed in a catastrophic fire only six years later. Its replacement, also designed by Hatch, kept much of the same styles and construction methods, but this time was to serve as the principal factory for making gold watch cases. When the firm finally moved to a larger space on Maiden Lane, they removed every piece of wood from the building to be burned and chemically processed to extract any remaining gold residue. At its peak, the firm was processing over $300,000 in gold per year, and with their salvage was able to reclaim more than $65,000.