Give it a firm grip? Pound it? No, those aren't types of sexual propositions. Those are basic descriptions of lame handshakes for boring people. At least, that's what movies and TV shows have taught us. If you want to look fly, exclusive, and important all at once, you and your friends need to have a go-to handshake to distinguish your crew from the rubes. 

And by "crew," we don't just mean your conventional social circle of bros. Cults can apparently have swag too. In Sound of My Voice, out today, Brit Marling plays the leader of a mysterious faction whose method of initiation involves an elaborate display of hand gestures that look like a winning combination of Pat-a-cake and two-person tutting (see the steps above). If you're now inspired to create your own, take some style cues from our gallery of The 10 Coolest Handshakes in Movies and TV.

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