A count clerk was busted in London for viewing hardcore adult films during a rape trial because he was "bored," according to The Daily Mail.

Debasish Majumder, 54, sat casually viewing explicit online material while a sex attack victim gave evidence at Inner London Crown Court.

Majumder, from Haringey, north London, who had been working for the courts service for 27 years, confessed to routinely watching internet porn when he was bored.

"I only looked at porn because the case was boring and did so once or twice a week since December 2009," he said in his police interview.

He was spotted by Judge Nigel Seed QC viewing the footage, and he subsequently reported the incident.

Apparently, detectives searched his computer and found extreme porn on his hard drive, as well as "indecent pseudo images of children." Astonishingly, despite all of that evidence, since Majumder's record was clean prior to this he's been spared jail time, and will only be forced to appear on the Sex Offender's Registry List for ten years and have his Internet usage monitored.


[via Daily Mail UK]