Students at the National University in Singapore were shocked by the overnight appearance of a Coca-Cola Machine that gives out free soda—in exchange for hugs. The stunt is part of the company’s Open Happiness campaign, aimed at young and touchy-feely people alike.

Instead of the usual Coke logo, the machine is marked by the inviting words “Hug Me.” Furthermore, because money is not involved in the exchange, customers must squeeze the sides of the machine to receive their free can of soda. Precision is a must.

The appearance of the machine is surprising, considering public displays of affection are typically frowned upon in Singapore. However, the youth are doing their best to break the mold. We love the rebellious spirit.

The response to machine has been overwhelmingly positive, as a Coke exec says up to five people were hugging it simultaneously, as well as each other. A love train has begun in Singapore, and Coca-Cola is responsible.

[via BuzzFeed]

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