German actor Aaron Defant was arrested while filming a scene for a television show where he plays a jewelry thief...because people thought he was actually a jewelry thief.

According to German news site, The Local:

The 29-year-old actor was arrested by police in Stuttgart this week after being mistaken for the criminal he had played in an on-screen robbery reconstruction, Saturday's Bild newspaper reported on Saturday.

An unnamed viewer alerted police on Wednesday when they recognised Defant in Stuttgart city centre - more than five weeks after his appearance on an episode of the long-running ZDF crime-busting programme Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst.

The March 11 programme had appealed to the public to find the thief behind the unsolved robbery of a jewellery store in Kirn in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

"Suddenly two officers were standing behind me," Defant told the paper. "They demanded my ID. I asked them why, but they didn’t answer."

He was released when police figured out their mistake. On the bright side, he should probably take it as a compliment - clearly he played his role convincingly!

[via The Local]