Kinect is great for bringing the real world into a video game, but what about taking the video game into the real world? A recently demoed project from Microsoft Research shows how video game elements can be projected into three-dimensional space, effectively turning your living room into a game level.

The project, called Beamatron, works by hooking up a Microsoft Kinect to a video projector and then mounting both to a high-speed pan/tilt rig you might find projecting laser lights on the wall of a night club. Using custom Kinect software, the researchers are able to create a 3D map of the surrounding environment, which is then used to inform the behavior of projected video game elements like a race car.

Watch Andy Wilson of Microsoft Research demo the Beamatron above, and then imagine how cool it would be to see Ryu doing Hadoukens in your living room.

[via The Next Web]