Kim Dotcom, the German Internet entrepreneur, millionaire, gamer and convicted cyber criminal, recently spent a month in jail following the federal raid and shutdown of his most successful business, Megaupload. Now, speaking out for the first time since his arrest, he appears in an  interview with John Campbell of New Zealand's 3 News.

In the 23 minute clip, Dotcom (who legally changed his name from Schmitz in 2005), says the raid took Megaupload completely by surprise and that he and the company's lawyers believed they were safe under the Digital Milennium Copyright Act. He also defends Megaupload's right to exist and says the people are on his side.

"I’m no criminal," says Dotcom. "This website has not been set up to be a piracy haven. If you look at the comments out there and the discussion that is happening online, that’s what everybody feels like. It’s crazy."

Watch the full interview here.

[via 3 News]