7. Joustin' Beaver

Yeah, the aforementioned Joustin' Beaver doesn't call to mind the most virile of video games, but is it really worth the legal drama? 

The mobile app in question has been described as a beaver making its way down a river on a log, knocking out "Phot-Hogs" and signing "Otter-graphs" while avoiding spiraling out of control due to a "whirlpool of success." It's not the most heinous defamation of character ever, but it is a shameless attempt to cash in on JB's popularity.

We wouldn't have been quick to assume that RC3, the app developer that the game's muse is currently battling, was rolling in dough as a result of its shotty-looking caricature. However, there's no doubt that this goofy game is making more money than ever as a result of its recent publicity.