Capitalizing on fame is nothing new. Celebs permitting their faces and signatures to be stamped on items ranging from clothes to salad dressing is a practice that dates way back. But sometimes their names and likenesses are used without their permission, which any high-powered entertainment lawyer will tell you is a no-no.

Take Justin Bieber, for example, who recently made headlines for ordering app maker RC3 to cease and decist with its mobile game Joustin' Beaver in which the pop star is reincarnated as one of the aquatic rodents best known for their buck teeth and dam-building. (Yeah, we probably wouldn't be too thrilled either.) But did the company back down? Hell naw. Instead, they fired back with a suit of their own, claiming a First Amendment right to distribute the game. 

We'll find out soon enough who'll emerge victorious between the two, but until then, take a look at some of the other famous faces to assume starring roles in some of the most laughable games to hit the market: The 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity-Inspired Video Games.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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