We know how excellent animals can be at iPad games, but the inevitable next question is, what happens when they go face-to-face with their masters? Will our opposable thumbs and (at least occasionally) superior intellects carry us to victory, or are big brains no match for killer instincts?

That's the question Friskies cat food (?) set out to answer with its new "dual species" iPad game "You vs. Cat." The premise is simple enough- human players face off against their feline friends at swiping at various flying objects on the screen. Sounds a little ridiculous, we know, but if you have a cat at home, don't pretend like you haven't played sillier games with it in the past.

You vs. Cat is available for free in the App Store as of today. Let's hope mankind fares better in this competition than it did against a certain IBM supercomputer who shall not be named.

[via AllThingsD]