Borderlands may have been a great game, but it didn't exactly translate well to the PC. It was another case of consoles-come-first, and the PC version was rife with technical issues and oversights. 2K is aiming to earn back PC gamers' trust with Borderlands 2, though, and they've enlisted Claptrap's help to get it.

The little robot is over his dreams of revolution, and now he's got a new obsession: you. In his love letter to PC gamers, he lists all the ways he's going to make you happy. A field of view slider, PC-specific user interface, re-mappable keys, cloud saves, mouse smoothing options—all the things every PC game should have by default, basically.

We're glad that they're wising up to the fact that PC gamers are an important segment in gaming, and it's always nice to hear from our old friend Claptrap. Even if he's trying to get in our pants.

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