22. American Pie (1999)

Chances of getting laid (1-10): 8. If the Sherminator can get laid (well, almost get laid), then you have a very good chance of successfully bedding someone.

The drink situation (1-10): 6. Shots! And lots of beer in cups, but this time they’re clear and blue rather than your typical red Solos. Loss of one major point for what Stifler drinks in his beer.

Chances of police interference (1-10): 1. Unless somebody starts having sex with pastries again.

How’s the music? (1-10): 6. You’d think it’s going to be brutal when the party starts with “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies, but there’s actually a nice mix of mid-'90s poppy punk music including Blink-182, Shades Apart, and Goldfinger. Loss of one point for the use of Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind.

If you ever went to high school, chances are damned good you knew someone exactly like Steve Stifler. Every high school had one, and everyone knew that he threw the best parties.

Stifler’s party in the 1999 Weitz Brothers flick American Pie is a pretty typical high school party with a few gross-out gags and wild moments thrown in. Everyone’s trying to hook up with someone. There’s beer everywhere. And the geeks have trouble getting in. Tell us you haven’t been here before.

Stifler starts by downing shots and ends up with his face in the toilet bowl after downing a “tainted” beer. It’s a party scene that’s become a classic for a new generation that grew up on American Pie movies rather than Animal House films.