The marketing campaign for Mad Men's upcoming season has been getting a good amount of press, especially considering its spare styling. The ads, which feature a suited man (presumably Don Draper) falling from the sky have left much, if not all, to the viewer's imagination. 

Maybe a little too much. Recently the ads, which appear in many subway platforms, have been the target of graffiti artists who have took to using the superfluous space for their own designs, such as Don riding the spray of a whale, Don walking a tightrope and Don falling into a martini glass.

Check out the whole spectfum of Mad Men subway art over at Gothamist, where they've amassed an impressive collection of subway art and reader's submissions reworking the now famous ad.

Looks like the whole bare-bones approach was a marketing scheme in itself. Well played, Mad Men.

[via Gothamist]