WHERE: Los Globos, Los Angeles
WHEN: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Enormous shout out to Jonathan Rudnick, Jeremy Sole, and Eric Tucker (aka DJ Wiseacre) for another invite to their party theLIFT. It's a party that moves from venue to venue with its own sound, lighting, and in-house production crew, which makes certain that you're gonna sound how you want to sound and feel how you want to feel as a DJ, regardless of the venue hosting the event. Tonight, we were at Los Globos, a newly renovated LA Latin music hot-spot. Fucking ridiculous. In my estimation, there were all over 600 folks in there, but then again, I drink rum and smoke my fair share of ganja which has been known to throw my abacus off at times. Regardless, the night was a stark-raving success; my hosts were at their all time best in my eyes. Production was tight, hospitality, herb supply, drink tickets, plenty of sweaty dancers who came just to break that very sweat…it doesn't get much better. Thanks Jonathan, Jeremy, and Eric. I look forward to our next time rocking together. Bless.