Sony's about to take a bold leap by releasing Killzone 3's multiplayer experience in its entirety as a downloadable title on PSN. The package will hit next week, according to Sony's latest blogcast, pointed out by CVG.

The initial download will be free, though player growth will be capped at some unspecified level. That means anything unlocked past that level will remain untouchable—until you cough up the $14.99 for the full experience.

Nevertheless, this is a rather unprecedented deal. Anyone who's getting CoD or Battlefield fatigue, yet still yearns for their online shooting fix, can now take a shot at Killzone 3's meaty multiplayer offering without paying full price—or any price, as long as they don't mind their growth being stunted a little early.

Interested? Willing to shell out the full $15? Think this is an awful idea? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.