A new chapter in the legend of Lin has been written. After crushing the souls of the Toronto Raptors last night, it looks like Jeremy Lin's days of occupying couches are finally over.

According to the Daily News, Lin will be subletting David Lee's apartment at the Trump Tower in White Plains, N.Y. Located in downtown White Plains, the 35 story building is home to several other Knicks and a few New York Rangers, meaning its basically an athlete's dorm.

Teammate Amare Stoudemire held the apartment down as well before moving to Manhattan. Lin's rent will be about $3,800 a month, but now that he's getting a guaranteed $800,000, he should be good.

His new neighbors must be eager to welcome him. Surely he'll have one hell of a housewarming party.

[via Gothamist and the New York Daily News]

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