It all started as a joke by Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, but forward Udonis Haslem is actually serious about running for mayor of Miami one day. Haslem already knows which issues he would tackle first: 

"I definitely know what I need to fix. The youth is where it starts at -- misguided, misled and also misunderstood. I'd definitely start at the bottom."

Haslem, a Miami native who has spent his entire career with the Heat and four years at the University of Florida, added that he'd include teammate and fellow 305 dude James Jones as part of his administration. That's a good look, because Jones is the secretary-treasurer of the NBA Player's Association.

He wouldn't be the first player to be elected mayor of a major city, either. Former Piston Hall of Famer Dave Bing is the current mayor of Detroit, and former Suns All-Star Kevin Johnson is the mayor of Sacramento.

Haslem has a shot, but bringing another NBA Championship back to Miami would really help his chances.

[via Miami New Times]

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