Bill Nye the Science Guy is caught up in a bit of legal drama thanks to his ex-girlfriend, Blair Tindall, whose crazy-ass stalker ways forced him to sue her for $57,000 in attorney fees - a sum that Tindall has failed to pay despite being ordered by the courts to do so.

Nye is claiming that Tindall stole a bunch of stuff from his home, including a laptop computer which she used to impersonate him and send defamatory emails. He also says that she killed his rose bushes with herbicide. Now, that's just psycho.

According to TMZ, Nye got a protective order against her, as well as a 6-year injunction against her a few months later that ordered her to stay 100 yards away from him. Tindall violated the injunction in 2009, so Nye was forced to go back to court to sort it all out - hence the hefty lawyer fees.

The judge ordered Tindall to pay the $57,000 Nye owed, but Tindall refused. Nye is now back in court with her to get her to pay up, but judging by a statement she gave TMZ, it doesn't seem like she's any more willing now than she was before. 

"Bill Nye was the love of my life," Tindall said. "I'm surprised he has taken this action against me. I have no funds to pay him, and he is a very wealthy man, so I'm not sure where this is coming from."

With exes like this, he should just stick to science.

[via TMZ]