WHERE: Lola, St. Louis
WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 2012

In the six months that I've had my monthly St. Louis residency, I've prided myself on musical fluidity. Being able to move around between styles and genres both within an event, and between different monthly events has been the primary objective. This month, we celebrated the world of house music alongside The Mo E All Stars and my mans, DJ Scotty Mack. I loved it 'cause it took me back to my initial introduction to St. Louis, back in '06, with Luan and his FLY parties at The Upstairs Lounge. Aside from a few folks who didn't read the press release and were expecting something else, we rocked Lola something lovely for five hours, strictly house music, sprinkled with a few dance classics. Incredible night. Thanks again to Chris Hansen and his staff for providing me with such a cool platform in one of the last places I'd have ever expected to have a platform of my own.