How did President Barack Obama prepare for the Google+ "hangout" last night, the first-ever virtual interview with the president where questions would be fielded from the public? Not by taking dancing lessons, much to the disappointment of one brazen American.

Jennifer Wedel, whose original question concerned why her out of work husband could not find work, was chosen by Google staff from over 130,000 submissions. President Obama, after attempting to explain why the unemployed engineer could not find work, told Wedel: "If you send me your husband’s resume, I’d be interested in finding out exactly what’s happening right there.”

About 45 minutes into the interview, as the "hangout" was coming to a close, the Fort Worth woman asked President Obama a slightly less-serious question: "I was wondering if you could stand up and give us a little jig real quick," Wedel requested. 

Yes, a Southern-sounding woman asked our president, an African American man, to do "a jig". We don't know what we're more astounded by— the racial implications of a question like this, or that, when given a few brief minutes to speak with the leader of our country, this is what she came out with.

[via Politico and Gawker]