7. Vicious Circle (Incredible Hulk #340, 1988)

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Todd McFarlane

Sporting one of the most vicious fight scenes in the history of Marvel Comics, not to mention one of the best covers ever, Incredible Hulk #340 features the quintessential super-powered fight between Wolverine and the Hulk. The whole battle starts off after the Hulk inadvertently clips a plane while in mid-jump, and the X-Men send Wolverine to find the Hulk in order to stop him from causing any more destruction.

The following fight is tense and brutal, as Wolverine proceeds to gut the Grey Goliath only to realize that the Hulk’s healing ability makes it nearly impossible to defeat him. Though it's best known for its stunning cover, this issue also features great interior art by the then-unknown Todd McFarlane that eventually led to one of the most lucrative careers in comic book history.