3. The Sex and the City Tour

Neighborhood: n/a
Address: n/a
Website: zerve.com/OnLocation/SATC

By this point in your journey, you may well be looking to find a new lover, as your inamorata may have left you, disgusted, after you ran her through the gauntlet of our previous seven hot spots. These tours might just be the place for you to pick up your next Ms. Big.

Men, you have two choices. If your demographics skew younger, you might be into one of the “Scary Sadshaws," those ladies that are still spilling into the city, inspired by their love for Sex and the City reruns on TBS. For those who like an earlier vintage, there are plenty of Midwestern housewives who make the pilgrimage as well.

Pro Tip: No matter which lady you pick, treat her right. A new pair of Jimmy Choo pumps will look great on the floor next to the bed or tapping against the headboard in rhythmic succession.