7. FAO Schwarz

Neighborhood: Midtown East
Address: 767 5th Ave. 
Website: fao.com

The gilded blocks of 5th Avenue may not appear to be the ideal locale for tourist trysting, but we guarantee this titillating toy store romp will make you feel like a kid again. Before you get weirded out, consider the benefits. “Family” bathrooms will make it less than suspect when you and your lover sneak in for some alone time. Novelty sized chocolate syrup bottles will add a sweet flavor to stimulate the senses. The readily available princess costumes will aid you in some medieval foreplay. But the best instrument of pleasure in this store is a musical one. Yes, the world famous Big Piano provides such enticing jumbo-sized musical possibilities that you and your beloved may find yourselves playing “Heart and Soul” with more than just your hands.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the Harry Potter display. It offers myriad toys for use in your personal pursuit of the Golden Snitch.