The iPad user base is split in two. There are those who see the device as a complimentary gadget; one they use in conjunction with their laptop or desktop computers. Others see the tablet as a standalone device; one that can all but replace their laptops and desktops. We're not here to say who's right or wrong. However, we do recognize that a big problem with using the iPad as a replacement for, say, your laptop is its lack of a tactile keyboard. Typing anything longer than a tweet using the iPad's onscreen keyboard is a hell of a chore. Thankfully, a host of companies have sought to change that. Since the iPad's release, we've seen a lot of physical keyboards that seek replicate the experience of typing at a real computer. Some use Bluetooth to connect to the tablet, while others simply lay over the existing soft-keyboard. If you're looking to be more productive with your iPad, take a look at the 10 Best iPad 2 Keyboards.