Keep it real-nothing screams "childhood" like a tree house. Picture the fun you had as a youth, then imagine what it would be like as an adult, on some Dale and Brennan shit. Seriously, think about how tight it would be to get lit in your tree house.

This dream is a reality at Sweden's Treehotel, where you can literally take your vacation to the next level. It features five tree-rooms which are four to six meters above ground, leaving visitors with no choice but to enjoy Mother Nature. One looks like its in stealth mode, while another resembles like the classic spaceship.

If you aren't the outdoors type, you'll become one, because you're really out there. Check the interior design too, it's nothing at all like you'd expect. Owners Britta and Kent Lindvall hope to build a total of 24 units by the end of the year, so if you're interested, get more information here.

[via StylePantry]

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