Monkey Island 2

by Alan Danzis

Spoiler: LeChuck Is My Brother?!

Platform: DOS, Mac OS, Amiga, FM Towns, iOS

Of all the games on the list, this one probably has the most unusual of endings in that it’s kind of not even respected in canon! After searching for Big Whoop during the entire game, Guybrush eventually winds up in the Big Whoop amusement park as a youngster, where he meets his parents who have been looking for him. Chasing after him is his brother, Chuckie—er, LeChuck.

The ending has a very surrealistic feel to it, and involves winking at the camera. Players are left to wonder if this ending is true, or if LeChuck is using voodoo again. The ending was not very well received and pretty much never spoken of in future installments.

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