A new job listing has popped up on Remedy Games' website. The studio behind Max Payne and Alan Wake is looking for a Gameplay/AI Programmer to work on "a groundbreaking AAA console project."

In addition, they "want your help in taking our artificial intelligence, character & enemy behavior to the next level. You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy’s in-house engine that was previously used in Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare."

Both of these statements are pretty exciting, considering that Remedy Games has an extremely good track record so far, and in our interview for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, we learned that they're pretty cool folks as well. That said, it'd probably be a great place to work for eligible applicants.

So check out the job listing, and pack for the coldest winters you can imagine, cause it's in Iceland, and it can get pretty nippy out there.