Nothing against strip clubs at all (trust us), but Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream most likely didn't involve money being thrown at scantily clad women doing the most acrobatic of things while setting off a chain reaction of applause. He probably wouldn't want his likeness used to promote one either.

Graphic designer Jeffrey Darnell Paul aka DJ Big Boy never thought about that when he crafted the flier you see above for Miami strip club The Office's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day bash. In his eyes, he was just doing what he does every week for the club-making fliers. This one rubbed people the wrong way though. A lot of people.

The flier was to promote an ass-clappin' festivus that was supposed to last from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Monday, but was ultimately cancelled because of the negative backlash. Paul got scolded by angry callers from all over the country, and The Office's management refused to claim the flier-after the fact, of course.

Paul took full responsibility for his actions, but said they were motivated by promotion. That's no surprise, as the sale of sex is one of the oldest hustles. Why not include literally monumental figures in U.S. history?

King of Diamonds did it for Steve Jobs (see above), though. For Columbus Day.

[via NBC Miami]

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