With CES 2012 in the here and now, we're awash with new tech and even a surprise here and there. One of those surprises is up above. It's the iCade Mobile from the same company that brought you the iCade...regular.

If you're unfamiliar with the iCade, look no further than here. It's a really cool arcade cabinet for the iPad that started as a hobby project, and ended up netting it's makers some serious orders. 

Taking their idea a step further, the iCade Mobile is a peripheral that attaches to the iPhone, and it adds a D-Pad and additional buttons. Effectively, it's trying to make sure you're fingers never get in the way again.

Obviously, it doesn't make the iPhone very portable, but it could be pretty cool if you're looking to game on your device for a couple hours. And with Square Enix porting stuff like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger to the iPhone, the chances of that are pretty good.

All of that said, this is a peripheral for the few, not the many, and it's price point seems to reflect that. When the iCade Mobile releases later this year, it will retail for $79.99. 

An exact release date hasn't been given yet, but you can read the company's full press release here.