Former Codemasters employee Semi Essessi has written a blog post calling out the Bodycount developer for what he calls a "web of lies." He alleges that the company refused to pay employees overtime after they were laid off, then asked them for money back by threatening bankruptcy proceedings against them.

"I write this article now not because I am bitter about redundancy - I've been there before - not because I want to weasel out of paying the money - because I am willing to pay it back provided they make it reasonable for me to do so," he wrote. "I do it because it is the right thing to do - because I am sick and tired of big business being incompetent and getting away with it because of fear and naïveté. I don't like bullies, I never have, I never will."

Codemasters released a response: "The company has been, and continues to be, in open dialogue with Semi regarding the reimbursement of funds paid into his account following an administrative error, as it is entitled to.

"As the conversation regarding his personal situation is ongoing, the company has not, as alleged, pursued it as a legal matter with him. The company's advisers are now aware of the additional comments that Semi has published and these will be addressed with him directly through the appropriate channels as necessary."

It's a sticky situation, and Bodycount wasn't even that good. Given the bottom line-driven business model many game companies have adopted, it's not surprising that so many reports surface of industry employees being mistreated. That said, there are two sides to every story. Any thoughts? Drop them in the comments or on Twitter.