Captain Martin Bayerle

Just as Drake navigated his way through the ship wreckage in Uncharted 3, Martin Bayerle searched high and low for the remains of the RMS Republic. Three years before the Titanic, it was 1909 and apparently a bad time for ships as the Republic Mail Ship crashed into another vessel and doomed herself to a watery grave. The ocean liner took more than lives to the ocean’s floor; it was rumored to have anywhere from a quarter of a million to three million in gold.  

Captain Bayerle, a world-known treasure-diver discovered the Republic’s remains off the coast of Nantucket twenty years ago. Armed with submarine-hunting sonar, Bayerle is seeking ownership and rights to bring to shore a treasure that is now valued at possible billions. Sure, you found the Cintimani Stone from Nepal but nothing like Bayerle’s payout! Nate may have Chloe but a billion dollars will buy you a lot of Claudia Black look-a-likes.

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