12. January Jones as Betty Draper-Francis on Mad Men

We should have known what we were in for early on in the series, when Betty's response to her daughter running around with a plastic dry cleaner sheet over her head was that she "better not wrinkle the clothes." Like a few of the other mothers on this list, Betty's horrendous motherdom is a product of both a troubled upbringing and having kids way sooner than she should have.

Mentally, she is a child herself, which explains why her reaction to having an absentee, philandering husband is to unhealthily befriend Glen, the local neighborhood boy that has a puberty-inducing crush on her, and then spitefully move the family to another town when Glen grows up and starts befriending her daugher Sally.

Her mindstate is so juvenile that she even sees Sally's child psychiatrist (are you surprised she needs one?) on the low. Context clues lead us to believe that her unresolved issues with her own mother are to blame, but it doesn't seem like she's going to get over them anytime soon. Fear for Sally.