Kasumi Ninja 

Platform: Jaguar

It was hard choosing amongst Ultra Vortek, Fight for Life, and Kasumi Ninja for the worst Jaguar fighting game, but we’re going to go with the last one mentioned because it’s probably the most famous. And also the worst.

From the character select screen, where you have to walk around to choose your combatant, to the actual fighting, which was such a shameless a rip-off of Mortal Kombat that it should have been called Shameless Rip-Off, everything about Kasumi Ninja blows.

There’s a guy with a kilt who shoots flames out his junk, a ninja named Habuki (orignial!) and terrible fatalities that aren’t even worth the meager button inputs. Oh, and also the Jaguar’s horrendous controller. Seriously, we don’t hate ourselves enough to play this game more than five minutes. We never even saw the third fight.