The sequel to one of the most offensive games ever has been quietly released today, and we thought you should know. Postal 2 made waves earlier this decade by being a horribly violent, irreverent and insensitive shooter, and now Running With Scissors' follow-up, Postal 3, is continuing the important tradition of holding nothing sacred.

It's also incredibly sexist and probably more than a little racist, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some jokes about handicapped people in there, and I'll be damned if PETA is going to be okay with using horny monkeys as a weapon to hump people's faces to death. Check the above trailer for evidence.

But that's what makes this series popular. You'll once again take control of "The Postal Guy," down on his luck for the time being, though we're guessing wanton destruction will somehow help lift his spirits.

The game is out now on Steam, and you can order a physical copy as well if you feel like it. Did you play the last Postal game? Do you think games like this are irresponsible, or are they a necessary social commentary? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.