Good Old Games (GOG) has announced their holiday sales, and they're really, really good. So good that we're going to have to drink until we black out and hide all our credit cards so when we wake up we won't remember where they are. We've got enough cash to last us through December.

First things first: according to their announcement, almost every single game in their vast catalog will be on sale for 50% off from Monday Dec. 12 until Jan. 2. That's half off on a ton of games. Boy do we love the holidays.

Furthermore, Empire Earth Gold Edition will be available absolutely free from Monday to Wednesday. Just put it in your shopping cart and check out at zero cost.

On Saturday they'll be giving away free codes for Master of Orion 1 and 2, Realms of Arkania 1 and 2, and other codes for discounted games on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Finally, The Witcher 2 will be 40% off on Thursday and Friday, and it will come with a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. We already own both, of course, but we're tempted to buy them again anyway—if nothing else than simply to support a developer that stands up against oppressive DRM.

Are GOG's sales too enticing to pass up, or have you already finished your Christmas shopping this year? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.