Apple's chain of retail stores are some of the most successful in the world. Apple's most profitable store, the one located in Regent Street in London, generates $3,127 per square foot. It's easy to surmise why the stores are so successful as Apple's products are wildly popular. But there's another important piece of the puzzle that helps Apple rake in crazy profits: the Apple Store employees. According to market researcher Asymco, Apple Store employees generate nearly $300 per hour, each. 

How did they reach that number? Here's the math: Each customer visit, on average, yields $45. Apple Stores, as a whole, clock in over 250 million visits each year. Apple hgas hired enough employees so that there is one worker for every 2,500 visits each quarter. Asymco calculated that with each employee working 30 hours a week, they will service one customer every 10 minutes. 

Apple recently opened its newest store in New York City's Grand Central Terminal which will, according to the company, employ 315 people. We're sure the profits generated there will be even greater. 

[via CNET